What does 2020 have in store?


Everyone starts the beginning of a new year with the statement “New Year, New Me!”.
We are all so excited to start the year fresh, as if it were a new beginning, a new start, or like a factory reset button has been pushed and the template is clean! What is one supposed to do and make sure their plans for the new year get followed through? How do we manifest our ideas or dreams and make them happen!?
Well my idea was to try and make a vision board and as of today, January 20th, 2020 I have yet to make that! I have all of my ideas, they are all floating around in my noggin, waiting to be physically glued and placed on a real life board for me to wake up and see everyday. That’s the goal anyway. I promise by the end of January I will get this board done!!! That’s my first goal lol! I will go over a few others with you =].
My second goal I am already working on. I have been doing a lot of gardening which has been amazing! Gardening is a form of movement meditation like Yoga! We are living in the moment, not thinking of anything else other than planting, digging, placement and all the other fun things. It has really taught me how to just breathe and be in the moment. I have so many stressors and chaos in my life that I have such a hard time finding a moment to just “zen out”. I can’t sit still, my anxiety will take no part in that, the thoughts that race through my mind 24/7 don’t shut up or shut off! I felt broken, I felt like I didn’t have control of my own brain!! How can meditating be so hard?!? I even tried guided meditations and those kind of worked but then my eyes being closed made me feel claustrophobic and I once again get attacked by my anxiety and it just never worked out! Untillllll we bought our house and got a fence, which made me feel comfortable in my backyard and started to garden!! So I am still working on it, but the effects of being more mindful has already been great! Ill report more maybe midyear to really tell you how well it has worked for me!
The third goal I have in place is to better my “hearth and home”. Making our home a magical and sacred safe space is the main focus for this year! Back in the old days the “hearth” was the heart of the home. The fire place, what kept house warm and safe. People now consider the whole home as the hearth. If the energy in your whole is all out of wack and awful, your life outside of the home will be the same or worse! Now that we own the house we can do whatever we want with it! So far we got a privacy fence for Christmas which was amazing! Thanks Grampie!!! We got new windows that are energy efficient and hurricane safe! A new water heater because of course when the house became ours it went bad lol! But everything is just falling into place when it comes to our home! We are going to plan for each month of the year to do a room! Painting the outside of the house is first! So we are still organizing all of our plans for the house and hopefully get that all sorted out!
2020 is going to be the year of household changes and routines, to better our mind bodies and souls! We just need to remember to stay on top of it! Set alarms on our phones for our goals this month. What are some of your plans this year? What are you wanting to change or add to your life? Comment below!

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