Girls trip to Cassadaga!!

So this weekend I got to go on an amazing trip to Cassadaga!! Which is also known as the Psychic Capital of the world! We went for a Introduction to palmistry class, which I will talk about in my next blog post!

First off here is some history on Cassadaga.

Cassadaga is translated from a Native American term meaning “water beneath the rocks.” It’s an unincorporated community north of Deltona in Volusia County Florida. It was established in 1894 by a man named George P Colby. He opened a spiritualist camp in 1875. Colby was a Trance Medium from Pike, New York. He was known for performing readings and Seances. During a seance in Iowa he spoke to one of his Spirit Guides who was a Native American named Seneca. During this manifestation he told Colby to travel to Florida where he found Blue Springs Landing in Orange County. Colby said that area was the same land that Seneca showed him during his seance in Iowa!

It first started out as 35 acres of land but is now up too 57! All of the houses are historic beauties and there is only one Hotel in the area,Known as Hotel Cassadaga! There are many meditation stations and nature trails. A beautiful and curious fairy garden where each little section almost has their own theme. People leave items, memorial pieces or just small crafts in the trail. It is quite a wonder.

The town is actually very quite, walking around you don’t see much hustle or bustle. You feel so light and just open when wondering around and exploring. It’s almost like you’re just living in the moment. Not thinking about anything other than what you are doing!

Before lunch we walked around, visited the fairy garden and labyrinth. We checked our many stores and bought a couple trinkets. We did not get a reading or take a crystal bed nap. That will be for our next trip!

We ate lunch at the hotel and bottomless mimosas! Ugh it was so nice and so much fun! After our yummy lunch and beverage lol we want for a walk and headed to the cemetery. We wanted to check out “the devils chair”. It’s a famous little stop people make for a photo opportunity. It’s to be said if you leave an unopened beer in the chair at midnight the devil himself will drink it. You will come back to find the bottle or can is empty but it’s not opened!! Of course this is just the local folk lore. In reality there is two chairs. One is a little behind the other. Both on plots for the family Thatcher. The chairs are actually there and made for visiting families member, because back in the day is was more common to visit you passed loved ones.

The cemetery is huge and actually quite empty! We did take pictures and met a gopher turtle who was quite curious as to what we were doing lol!

We left the cemetery to head back to the hotel where we were going to take our class! (Like I said earlier, I’ll make another blog post about that experience.)

After class we went in this beautiful nature walk by the lake! We found so many wild mushrooms and took so many pictures! It was just so beautiful!! We could’ve explored for hours and hours!!

I hated that we had to leave and we are already in the works to plan another trip! We will stay in the hotel, attend a seance and probably drink lots of wine lol! It will be another amazing weekend getaway!!!

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